The Wonderfully Bizarre World of Childish Art

This blog is a bit of a cheat, because it’s not written by me and it’s on another site! But it is too great to only have one home (and it features a super 8 film that I did), so I’m re-posting it here on This Analog Earth! My buddy Jonathan Culp delves into the world of child art (and faux child art) as interpreted by adults on his Unpopular Arts blog.

Even with the many internet portals kids have access to, it still take adults to disseminate child art. You don’t often see art by anyone under 18 at galleries, or hanging anywhere in people’s homes except for the refrigerator. Can adults see playful child art as anything but humorous? Does it matter? I definitely get laughs at crayon scribbles, but there’s also a huge sense of joy and wonder as well. I’m sure many artists would love to have held on to their openness and lack of self consciousness. There’s no impressing gallery owners or big name pretentious painters with this art. If it makes a family member smile the art has done its job. You can’t find simpler gratification.

Childish Art Blog

Here is some art done by 5 year old Sam and his dad Joe Ollmann (read the Joe interview from the last blog!)


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