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Me? I’m a recent graduate of Seneca studying Technical Communications. I’m a cookbook writer/archivist/chocolatier/technical communicator who uses a super 8 movie camera, a Canon PowerShot Elph, a Pentax 35mm camera, an Thinkpad, a VHS player, “invisible ink” pens, a USB turntable, bookmarks (both physical and digital), a shortwave radio… In love with Taschen design books, my rugged house plants, old movies, speculative fiction, hot jazz, twirping birds outside my window…


The Blog? As we hurtle past the first decade of the 21st century I look around and find myself settled in a very non-digital comfy nest. I still own records, tapes, film cameras, books, radios, art done with screen prints, an answering machine… These things, which at once were staples in entertainment, hobbies and daily living, are shockingly becoming ephemera.  But, as I and many other people can attest to, they are not totally gone from our world. We find analog technology and art still mingling amongst the binary code of the ultra modern society around us. I for one love, and have always been drawn to, anything “old”.

There is of course a fine line between enjoying old technology and suddenly finding yourself a techno-phoebe, or a down right Luddite.  I am thankfully not one of those people. New technology has enabled us to communicate outside our community, given better lives to differently abled people, allowed us to venture into fantastic and magical realms previously too small to see or too deep to dive… It has given communication tools to introverted individuals and enabled disenfranchised people to have a voice. There’s no doubt in my mind that one must grasp the new technological tools as they whiz by or a person will find themselves holed up in a hermit cave of half broken electronics which don’t in any way connect with the outside world.

Read more about loving analog on the first blog entry here.

Check out more great photos on This Analog Earth! Pinterest.


The title of this blog, This Analog Earth!, makes reference to the public radio program “This American Life”, “This Bitter Earth” by Dinah Washington in 1960, and the ’50’s sci-fi flick “This Island Earth”.


Dinah Washington sings This Bitter Earth

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